Who I Am & What This Blog is About…

If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.
~ Abraham Maslow 

Thus, I have no such plans. Rather, my motto of late feels most appropriate: “live big… live unafraid… live unapologetically.” From now forward, I intend to live as fully and completely as possible, sparing nothing of goals and dreams that—through the first four decades of my life—have been sacrificed to a guise of homogenized normalcy. That’s not the life for me, I have no designs on letting my hopes and priorities take a back seat any longer—to hell with dogma and expectations!

I am-… oh good heavens, where to start?! I am a born and raised Northern California native and recent transplant to what has since become my favorite city of all—Seattle, Washington. I am married to a wonderful and lovely woman, my wife Julie. I have three amazingly beautiful and talented teen-age daughters, each of whom I am tremendously proud of. Beyond this, I am a 40-something trans-woman well established on the road to gender transition. With the help of insatiable research curiosity, an amazing therapist, and the tremendously inclusive and welcoming culture of the local LGBT community, I have made significant strides in many areas of my life–personal, academic, and professional. Ultimately, I am seeking no less than a Master’s degree in psychology, generally focusing on cognitive and humanistic approaches to therapy and patient care. My goal- through blogging and social media- is to connect with like-minded individuals: providers, specialists and other members of the mental health community; members and allies of the LGBT community; and any who express or identify themselves as transgender or any other form of non-binary gender identification.

Rounding out the short list of me-ness: writer, photographer, college student-psychology major, LGBT rights advocate/activist; wanna-be Imperial Storm trooper, pin-up model (curvy of course!), and 40s jazz club frequenter; total foodie, coffee snob, wine lover, and fan of all that is Guinness or vodka; shoe slut, jeans-and-boots fanatic, lover of scarves, polka dots, Chanel, and burlesque; I am deeply moved by music from the likes of Miles Davis, Marilyn Manson, and the Chieftains. I consider myself many things but have a love-hate relationship with labels. I cherish living in the moment… spontaneous, free, and unique. I am no more or less than myself in every quirky, beautiful, and flawed way that has served to mold me into the soul you can read about here as this blog develops, as this identity evolves, as my life moves forward through the next year and beyond.

– Racquelle

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